A Sad Day for the Deer Scent Business

As you probably know I am friends with Bill Harmon. Well Bill recently sold Harmon Deer Scents to a big company. I know why he did it and I am glad he was successful enough to sell his company for a profit. Now he can spend more time fishing and keeping his darling wife happy. That said, I like dealing with small business owners so I set out to find a new line of deer scents.

I know a few different people in the business so I decided to go with someone that hasn’t been around too long and might hang on to their company for awhile.

If you want to try a new deer attractant then I suggest that you give Big Rack Deer Scents a try. They have 100% deer urine and the price is right at less than $10 per bottle. The first place I tried their Big Boss deer scent was my front yard and I kid you not, 2 hours after pouring some of the urine on a tree stump a big momma deer came strolling through the area.  At that point I decided to put out some corn and sure enough the next day I caught her and 2 little Bambis eating the corn.

I will keep you updated as I experiment some more and I will be ready with the camera too.

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